Monday, March 15, 2010 Project

As we all know, is the definitive authority...on everything. And, as we further all know, they have a fiction section! Why am I so excited! I'm so excited because I've decided that until I get to school in August and get to work with some truly creative classmates and get worthwhile instruction, I'm just gonna use as my end all, be all guide to fiction writing!

What this means for you dear reader, is that I'll follow the advice and guidance provided on the site to a tee. I'll do their writing excercises, I'll follow their grammar advice and I'll put their techniques for securing an agent and getting published to practical use. I really don't see how this could go wrong.

[i'm also doing this because it's probably a more productive use of this bla(h)g than another masturbatory story, or my other big project, stalking st vincent. it's not really stalking if we're soulmates though, right?]

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